Business Startup

  • The Starting Point
  • Know Your Passion
  • Fear & Hesitation
  • Making the Jump
  • Business Planning
  • The Practical Startup Process
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Lesson Learned & Success Stories
  • Key to Successful Business
  • Bonus: Free 30-60 min Consultation
40 KWD


  • Defining a Good or Bad Idea in Business?
  • How do you rate your Product or Service?
  • Supportive Application for Instagram Marketing.
  • Development of Applications and Marketing
  • Stages of a successful application
  • How to Verify an Instagram Account in Detail?
  • Instagram Brain and How it Works
  • Psychological Marketing
  • Increase Engagement on Instagram
  • Shadow Ban and Instagram problems
  • Examples of Accounts
  • Instagram Good and Bad
  • Exhibitions and How to get Sponsorships
40 KWD

Self Development

Eng. Ahmad A Al-Mutawa

CEO MUBAADER SERVICES, Business & Self Development Coach
Owner of Restaurant Chains & FinTech Consultancy 

The CEO of Mubaader services for small and medium businesses since 2009 ,  Business consultant for small and medium businesses.

The owner of PINK Los Angeles,  Eggnation restaurants chain, the owner of COINDINARS company for bit coins and blockchains, and the Co-Founder of Clean Beauty,  for clean products skin & hair care.

- Did over 35,000 consultations for small and medium businesses.

- Gave over 250 seminars and motivational training courses for small and medium business owners or even ideas owners.

- Found and helped over 7500 small and medium businesses during the past 13 years.

- Awarded as the best business man in the middle east in 2015 in Burj Al Arab, Dubai by the institution of MENNA awards.

- Included in LEADERS OF KUWAIT 2017 magazine among the 100 most powerful local figures in Kuwait.

What they said
What they said